Assignment #4

Dear Managers,

As a reward for all of the hard work you have been doing, the board has agreed to reward you by having a card game session.

We will be playing the classic game of ‘Top Trumps’ where you will actually feature on the cards as managers.

Your task is to comment below giving yourself a 1-10 points score for each of the 6 attributes. You have a MAXIMUM of 40 points to use.

An example of what you could comment (take notice how the pink numbers add to 40):

Remember, you can only use 40 points in total and you must use the above attributes.

The Chairman

7 thoughts on “Assignment #4

  1. Dear Chairman,
    This is my top trump card stats:
    Team Selection 8. I gave myself 8 because I think my team selection is
    appropriate for important games and less important games.

    Determination 6. I gave myself a 5 because sometimes after the opposition score I lose confidence however on the other hand when we score I feel an explosion of confidence and want to get another.

    Experience 7. I gave myself a 7 because I know some teams style of play and
    can sometimes read the game.

    Team Tactics 6. I gave myself a 6 because my tactics can win games but at the same time some excellent teams can counter and get used to the tactics.

    Game Management 6. I gave myself a 6 because in game my orders can be vital to this team.

    Communication 7. I gave myself a 7 because my players understand what they have to do and listen well.

  2. Team selection: 5 because in my opinion I picked a variety of different players that I think are all extremely talented.

    determination: 6 because most of them are motivated and determined to win all of their games.

    Experience: 5 because most of my players are young and have a lot to learn

    Team Tactics: 7 because we know what we are doing and that is all we need

    Game management: 9 my instructions can extremely valuable to our team and we cannot afford to slip up

    communication: 8 because I think my players understand each other and can pass on messages considerably fast

  3. Assignment #4: Top Trumps!!!

    Dear Chairman,

    Team selection: 10 because we win most games.

    Determination: 8 because when we lose I am determined to win the next game.

    Experience: 5 because I’ve only managed 1 club but I’ve know the game well.

    Team Tactics: 7 because my tactics work well and they are used correctly.

    Game management: 6 because my orders can be crucial at a vital moment.

    Communication: 4 because some players doesn’t speak my language so it is hard to get tactics/orders to them.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mr Mahmood

  4. Team selection : 7
    I have chosen 7 because I know where all of my players best positions are and where they will play their best.

    Determination : 8
    I have chosen 8 because I want my players to do well and when we let a goal in were all very determined and chase down every ball.

    Experience : 4
    I have chosen 4 because I don’t have lots of experience and it is my first season coaching my team the GAS.FC.

    Team tactics : 7
    I have chosen 7 because I have got ideas from match of the day and that is where I get my tactics from.

    Game management : 7
    I chose 7 because I can read a game well

    Communication : 7
    I have chosen 7 because I think my communication is great.

  5. Dear chairman my stats are these.

    Team selection: 10
    Determination: 10
    Experience: 10
    Team tactics: 2
    Game management: 3
    Communication: 5
    I chose 10 for my team selection because i have a very good team selection in game.
    I chose 10 for determination beacause i am very determined leader.
    I chose 10 for my experience because i am a very expeirenced i was the old manager of Arsenal.
    I chose 2 for game tactics because have no tactics
    I chose 3 game management because i have not managed many games
    I chose 5 for communication but it could be better.

    Yours sincerly Mervyn.

  6. Dear chairman

    I really like the top trump cards ,thank you so much and also I just want to say that to Charlie and Zain their stats on the top trump cards are immaculately amazing and MR Kay you mean a lot to me I really like you good bye and stay safe bye

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