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  1. we are awfully sorry about our downfall because most of our star players are injured. As a result of this, and we’re working on our new tactics for the rest of the season. So far we are relying on our bench but hopefully our players will soon return.

  2. Dear Chairman,
    Man City-

    What has the team done well?
    Well Man City has dominated most matches but some because of our lack of communication.
    What are the team doing wrong?
    Man City are not listening to my tactics and each other which leads to poor scores and games.
    Why do you think this has happened?
    I think think this has happened because some of our crucial players are injured and are not talking to each other.
    What advice can you give?(What should we do as a club).
    We should talk to each other more and talk about our tactics.
    Yours Sincerely,

  3. man united has done well to score goals.
    man united has done wrong is that one person is suppose to go to the ball when both of them go to the ball.
    because they look just at the ball.
    I think man united should communicate to each other more.

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