7 thoughts on “Congratulations! You made the Play-Offs!

  1. Away: first of all i’ll try to arrange our first match away so we can have a real taste of our opposition’s football where they feel most comfortable. Second of all we have to play nice and easy football but not to comfortable so we can progress throughout the first leg. And if you have a chance to score go for it and don’t hold back

    Home: at home lets play attacking football because you are all familiar with this stadium and are very knowledgeable about it’s conditions.As we would then know their tactics and how to defend against them we’ll we are most likely to succeed

  2. dear Chair man

    We will go all out attack at home, as we will have more fans to help us and we know our pitch more.This will be a huge advantage.

    If we score in the first leg we should park the bus (defend) if we don’t score we need to attack to get the away goal.

  3. Dear chairman i am writing to say how we are going to do the two legs.

    At home we are going to defend because if if the other team scores on the score board they get double points.

    Away we are going to attack because we would get double points on the score board.

    I would prefer to play away first and home after because so we would get the away game over with and our fans would be at the end.

  4. 1. We will defend at home because if we attack there is more of a chance they will score away goals, so if we defend it will be easier to win.

    2. We will attack away because away goals mean a lot more than goals scored home. we should hopefully have an advantage against others this way.

    3. I would prefer to start at home because if you play the second leg at home, what about extra time also you know what your going to have to beat ( maybe even make a comeback like barcelona).

  5. Dear chairman,
    In the next match I would like my team to defend at home because away goals count as two in an event of a draw so I would like them to make sure they don’t get any goals when they are playing away.
    When you are playing away I want my players to attack because if they score goals and if it is a draw they will win this thing. It would be an honour for me and all of my team, it will be a once in a life time chance and we will win!
    I would like to start at home so if they score goals we will know what we need to win, this will mean if they end the first leg 2-0 we know we need to score 3+ goals.
    If we do so we will have a bigger chance of wining because we will know how many goals we need to win.

  6. Dear Chairman,
    1st Leg- On the first leg, I’m going to play defensive but attacking. This is because, I want to score 1 goal. Also if they score a two goals we can win it so in the second leg

    2nd leg- On the second leg, we’re going to play attacking, because if we score 1 more goal we will automatically win because 1 away goal= 2 goals.

  7. dear chair man ,

    so weve made it into the playoff final. Our Formation will be a four three three flat and i just want you to play well shoot and dont worry about a thing weve got the players weve got the skill there just the other team.

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