5 thoughts on “The Play-off Final!

  1. Dear Chairman,

    This is it, we have made it to the final.You have worked so hard for this, don’t let this chance go. We need to be confident, you need to show everyone that you will win this game. Also to win this you will need communicate with each other so we do not get muddled up. As well as that you need to keep it simple, there is no need to skillfull passes or else you will lose possession and then they are on the counter attack,so keep it simple and if you work hard for each other you will win this game.

    Rashford, stay up the pitch because if we win the ball from their corner we need someone to pass it to up the field, but also try your best to stay onside. Cech, I neeed you to be big, come out and make the goal look small so they have less chance to score a goal. Pogba, keep it simple and calm, don’t get booked early on the game. You need to control the game. Bellerin, I need you to run up and down the pitch, I think you have got the energy.

    Come on guys, I know how much you want this so show it on the pitch. Come on lets go win this game and get promoted !!!!!

    • Dear Ummad,

      Thank you for your quick response to the club’s request.

      You obviously know your team inside out and are passionate about this game.

      As a result of this, the board would like to renew your contract next season regardless of the playoff final result.

      You are a young manager and have bags of potential – we are sure you have a successful career in front of you.

      Good luck and thank you for all of the hard work you have put in this season.

      The Chairman

  2. Dear Mr Chairman,
    Today is our final chance so we have to play up, our tactics today will be all out attack because we are no longer in the FA Cup so it will be a real treat to get a trophy in the bag for this season. Secondly, this is a hard game and we need to ensure we make it to the Premier League also our expectations are high although we are the under dogs.

  3. Dear Chairman,

    Yes lads!!! We made it, after some ups and downs. We’ve been really succesful this season so:
    Bravo come out, Be big and Be strong
    (Forgot Defender’s name) Don’t be afraid to tackle,come up and help the keeper.
    De Bruyne: Don’t be afraid to bang some top bins goals, Assist Gabriel, And don’t be afraid to have a shot yourself.
    Gabriel Jesus: Score opportunities, If you have a pen, don’t fluff it like JT And lastly enjoy yourself.
    Tactics: To ensure we win this final, we need to,
    1st half- Play Ultra attacking so we can score goals.
    2nd half- Play Park The Bus to prevent them from scoring. If we win this, we will get promoted so do your best.
    *Hint- Pass the ball to De Bruyne then pass it through to Gabriel and… BOOM!! Easy!!!
    Yours Sincerely,

  4. Dear Chairman
    I have come up with a team talk for my team to hopefully lead them to victory.
    here it is.
    You all need need to play the ball simple and you need to hold your nerve and get into the box as much as possible and get your shots away so we get more chances.
    yours sincerely

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