1. Dear Chairman,

    Obviously, we know that big clubs are searching for our top players so we will keep them by keeping the facilities top noch by employing experienced cleaners and making it easy for our players familys by paying for the flights,trains and more if need.We will also recruit quality staff and keep the pitch stunning.

    Our plans for next season is to finish mid table and play simple football, keep our cool by not diving in and getting sent off and give our fans entertaining games.

    • Dear Charlie,

      First of all, thank you for your quick response.

      The board have carefully read your comments through and fully hack your statement. We will provide you with the financial backing you require for your requests.

      Thanks again Charlie and enjoy the summer before a busy season when you return as manager of a Premier League side!

  2. Our plans for next season are: supplying the players with all our useful resources, accommodating them in luxury hotels (for travelling), fertilising our grass and watering it if needed.

  3. Dear Chairman
    I am lucky I remembered some useful vocabulary because I knew some of my players might have other interests at other clubs so this is an example of what I will say to Paul Pogba.
    Pogba do you really want to see us suffer during are time in the BPL if you leave we will be dropping down like raindrops and that is why you have to stick with the Gas .F.C. the other teams will get past us in seconds so please dab us to victory and most of all make the fans elated.

  4. Dear Chairman,

    Premier League is finally upon us!! We know that top clubs are searching players for you but,
    1. You have a couple of years at this club
    2. We won the championship
    3. We’re looking for the Premier League glory
    4. We’ll TRY and get in the grandest stage of all (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE)!
    Bravo, Kompany, De Bruyne, Michy Batshuayi and Jesus. YOU ARE ALL TOP NOTCH PLAYERS so you should stay.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Manager of ZAINBEASTFC
    *Also, we’ll bump up your wages by 5MILLION!

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