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  1. Dear Mr chairman,
    Now we’re in the Premier League, as all we know more players would like to join our club, so we are watching some young and rising stars that I think will be the future of this country.
    These are some of our suggestions: Kingsley Koman (21 years old, FC Bayern Munich), Christian Oxlade – Chamberlain (19 years old, Portsmouth FC), Timo Werner (21 years old, RB Leipzig) and Joshua Kimmich (age 22, Fc Bayern Munich) if there is any troubles with the budget you will be the first one to be informed.
    your sincerely, West Yorkshire FC

    • Dear Messiah,

      Thank you for your detailed scouting report. We appreciate the list of players you have suggested. Which two players in particular would you opt for? The board really like the idea of signing Portsmouth’s Christian Oxlade.

      Kind regards,

      The Chairman

  2. I am looking to sign Willy Caballero, as he is a great keeper, and he has a great ability of saving penalties. He would be either on the bench or in the starting XI, (I will decide once I have made my team) so would be good if my main keeper was injured.

    I am also looking at Kelechi Iheanacho, as not only does he have a great eye for goal, he also has some great pace, to sprint past defenders, leaving them bamboozled. He also is a good squad rotation player.

    Yours sincerely,

    • Dear Alex

      Thanks for your suggestions. I will forward your notes onto the board and discuss their feedback during our next meeting.

      Kind regards,

      The Chairman

  3. Dear Chairman,

    As we know we are now in the BPL which means that we have to act fast on signing players. One of the most ideal players to sign is Klyian Sanmi Mbappe Lottin. Being an 18 year old, will mean that he will gain lots of potential during his stay at ZAINBEASTFC. Mbappe, being a young player, will mean that I will have to scout him and act fast because other clubs are looking to sign this wonderkid.

    Ousmane Dembele again a young player can play in ST or RM. This is ideal because we need players who can play all round to stay in the BPL. Again, being a beast of a player will mean I have to act fast.

    Yours Sincerely,

    • Dear Zain,

      Thanks for your scouting report. We really appreciate your ideas. We think that we will be able to purchase one of your suggestions, who do you think we should invest in?

      The Chairman

  4. I think we should bring another generation to this club by signing Mbappe Lotin because he is showing great potential, if we do we will save 100 of millions £. Then we can sell him off for a great profit and stop bigger clubs from stealing him and not over paying.

    I think we should sign Naby Kater his stats are lethal for a deep midfielder getting the ball and starting a counter attack. we can get him for a bargain but Liverpool are showing interest in this player.

    I hope you agree with my request.

    • Dear Ozzy,

      We appreciate your forward thinking with signing Mbappe. We share your opinion that he is a great investment for the future and will help the club in the Premier League.

      If Liverpool offer him more money, what do you think we should do?

      The Chairman

  5. Dear Chairman,

    As we already know we are in the premier league which means new and improved players are a must need to this club.
    I have kept my eye a bright, talented youngster by the name of Ousmane Dembele.
    I believe we need to purchase this player before its to late because other bigger clubs purpose interest in him and other teams will most likely place a huge bid on him so we need to sign him before its to late.

    Another up and coming star is Timo Werner from RB Leipzig.His talent on the pitch is unbelievable and he has an eye to goal.We need to sign him because now we are in the EPL defences of teams are going to be a lot harder to break down and this man is perfect to do that also due to RB Leipzig having an amazing season last year, a lot of clubs are going to be showing intrest in RB leipzig,s best players.

    Thank you for your time
    Charlie Clake (Hashtag United)

  6. Dear manager

    I would like to sign a young rising star from bayern munic who was a former dormant star.

    He is wrieser the young and insperational star is waiting for his chance to become a one to watch.He will be worth more in the future so we should purches him now while his price range is low.

  7. Dear Chairman
    It was very hard for me to pick an extra player too join my team I have chosen someone from Bristol rovers again because they have a lot of rising stars but they need too be in a more advanced team such as mine so the person I have chosen is Stuart Sinclair because he has been creating chances for his team but his teammates haven’t been using these chances too score.

    Yours Sincerely
    Manager of the Gas F.C.

  8. Dear manager,

    As we are approaching the premier league, we need to sign some rising stars before they get snatched up buy another club… That is why I have selected two players for my team to hopefully improve my team.

    1. Heung min son
    I would like to sing Son because he is getting better by the minute, this season has been phenomenal for him. He is the definition of a rising star in my opinion and that is why I want to sing him (Hes also my favorite player)

    2. Pierre emerick Aubameyang
    I think Pierre is an amazing player and he inspires me with his pace, skill and shooting. He already is a star in my eyes but hopefully at our club he can become better and conquer the premier league with Kirkstall FC.

  9. Dear chairman ,

    for the summer transfer I would like to sign nianggolan and kouilbaly from calcio a.

    I would like these players because they are quality and would boost the team quality .

    yours sincerily,

  10. Dear Chairman,
    We are finally in the premier league so I think a good two players to sign will be Ousman Dembele because he is a really good skillful player and he will slot perfectly into our team, if not I’m guaranteed that he will be an astonishing super substitution for us.

    The next player I would like to sign is Raphael Varane because one he is a really fast centre back so he can deal with the super speed of our opposition’s forwards and that he is a great all round player.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Umaad’s 11

  11. Dear Chairman,

    I would like to sign Mbappe he is a very young and talented footballer and he scores lots of amazing goals. He has is a way of sliding past defenders with ease and we will snatch opportunity off Real Madrid and make a lot of profit. I would also sign Lmair he is a talented player playing on the left. With Mbappe he also triumphant to an unbelievable league 1 this is what I want to sign I hope you agree with me.

  12. Dear Mr Chairman,

    The two players of that list we would like to sign are Christian Oxlade – Chamberlain because he is a talent yet to be spotted and a mix of different techniques and playing styles and Joshua Kimmich because we need more gifted defenders and a quality player like him. I hope our formation and selection of players progress in both talent and numbers as we chase the premier league title.

    Your Sincerely,
    West Yorkshire FC/United

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