5 thoughts on “Budget Issues

  1. Dear Chairman,
    I heard that we have enough budget to increase the stadium or player wages.

    I think we should increase the capacity of our stadium because I am sure that more people would want to watch our games, and I am sure that some people will agree.
    The reason why I think more fans will want to watch our games because I think we will have the potential and enough of good players to do well in the league.

    Yours sincerely,
    Umaad’s 11

  2. Dear Chairman,
    I will chose to up player wages because we have amazing players already and i do NOT want to lose them.Although extending the stadium would interest more players to join, we are in the best league in the world (debatably) so we need to keep our best players. Also, if they feel they are under payed they will want to leave and go to a bigger club.

    Yours sincerely,
    Charlie, Hashtag United

  3. Dear chairman,
    In my opinion, I think we should increase player wages as we don’t want to lose decent and valuable players this far on… Its been a year and we are very confident but if we lose players we start losing games and then fans!
    Good players like son and aubameyang ( Are new signings ) might start losing interest and passion for our club if we don’t give their expectations and sign back with their original club… So we will increase player wages and then capacity when we have enough.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kirkstall FC

  4. Dear Mr Chairman,

    Me and my associates have decided to enlarge player wages ; as a result of this, it will help players feel like they are valued (not so much that they gloat) and persuade more players to stay. Hopefully this boost will encourage our players to stay positive and carry that attitude onto the pitch

  5. Dear Mr Chairman,
    As we are now in the premier league, more fans will come to watch and have a bit more faith in us ; therefore, I think we should increase the capacity of our stadium.
    As a result of this, our players will be more motivated and will perform better on and off the pitch.

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