Fantasy Football is HERE!

Dear Managers,

You have been working hard carefully selecting and signing players for your 2017-18 season. The focus this term is statistics. Your budget was 75 million and I have been impressed with your progress in adding various decimal numbers.

Here was the scoring criteria for game week 1:

Here is the league table after game week 1:

Please share your thoughts and opinions on how your squad did on the first game week…

Who impressed you?

Who scored the most points?

Who needs to improve?

Yours Sincerely,

The Chairman

10 thoughts on “Fantasy Football is HERE!

    • Dear Daniel,

      The board are excited to have you involved at the club as such a young, enthusiastic manager. Be sure to share your squad with us on Monday.

      Yours sincerely,

      The Chairman

    • Dear Alex,

      I took the points in at the end of lunchtime from the children who were in the classroom; I will ammend this on Monday.

      Kind regards,

      The Chairman

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