2 thoughts on “Player of the month vote

  1. Dear Chairman,
    In my opinion, my November POTM is Raheem Sterling (currently playing for Manchester City). Raheem Sterling has been playing great for these couple of months and definitely deserves to be one of the players shortlisted. As well as assisting goals, he’s been scoring lethal goals and has been a reliable first team RW. Surely everyone has to agree with this nominee. He’s 22 years old, which means that he’s got years of potential to overcome. Raheem Sterling an England/Man City RW deserves to win: If not, then people must be MAD! He’s fast, strong has excellent vision, dribbling and has brutal shots. This man cannot be stopped and he might even win BPL Player Of The Year trophy. This man is just pure talent and has skills for days. He has bags of class and confidence.

  2. Dear Mr Chairman,
    My player of the month has to be Mohamed Salah. This is because, he has been performing well all season and has showed off his talent more than he has at some of his previous clubs, for an example: Chelsea, at Chelsea he only got 2 goals in 13 appearances whereas, now he is top goalscorer in the EPL and this is a huge improvement. Who knows, he may join our club in the future.

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