Could you be the next England manager?





Dear Year 5,

We are looking for new managers to help manage a world cup winning side. The job will not be easy and will need lots of dedication in order to provide England with the best possible chance of bringing home the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Potential managers must possess the appropriate skills such as commitment, determination and be able to complete weekly tasks in order to secure victory for our national team.

The world cup is a matter of weeks away so application must be done as soon as possible.  In order to apply for the role, you will need to comment below using persuasive and emotive language. Try and use some of these openers to help you:

  • For this reason …
  • In addition …
  • Without a doubt …

Yours sincerely,

The Chairman

8 thoughts on “Could you be the next England manager?

  1. Dear chairman,

    I think I would be the best person at the job because I have the suitable attitude in order to mange England. Without a doubt I would be the perfect person to deliver world cup glory to England. Throughout my career, I have shown my authority and ability to manage top players.

    Your sincerely,
    Leon Wood

    • Dear Leon,

      Thank you for your application. If you get the job which country do you think will cause England the most problems: Belgium, Panama or Tunisia? And why?

      The Chairman

  2. Dear chairman,

    We are writing to inform you about getting the place of being the England manager.Without a doubt , this job would be very good for us as we can help English footballers and we may have more of a chance of winning the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

    Yours sincerely , Eesha Gahir and Helen Nishat

    • Dear Eesha and Helen,

      Thank you for your application, we will consider it in due course. How far do you realistically think you can take the team?

      The Chairman

  3. Dear chairman,

    I will be the perfect person for this job I won’t let you down. As I have great skills for football usage I know a lot about football and England itself. The football needs I know about so don’t worry I have lot of penitential in players and the way they play.

    Your sincerely,
    Jayden Lee Farnell-Morris

    • Dear Jayden,

      Thank you for your application. If you get the job which player(s) are you most excited about working alongside?

      Your sincerely,
      The Chairman

  4. I think I would be able to manage England because I have a high level of mature behaviour and I will organise the formation and have the players at their full potential.
    My football knowledge is wide and I know about good formations.

  5. Dear chairman,
    I would like to manage England’s world cup team. I know many people would not accept a newbie to manage their side but I can deliver fresh ideas to the squad. The risks of me as manager is high but I think I can give England high chances on silverware.
    I hope you consider my request

    From Paarshva

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