Assignment #2

Dear Managers,

Your first home game of the season is here. You will face newly promoted Middlesbrough FC. Tickets have already sold out and the fans have high expectations, especially with your new signings in mind.

It is really important that you give your players a professional team talk before the match. It is your job to give them clear instructions and to fire them up.

Vocabulary and phrases you mentioned in our meeting today.

An example of what you could say:

“During the match, we all need to think positively and play to our strengths. Remember, stay calm and get your head up to look for passes.

Communication will be important, important because we need to make sure we know what to do. Moreover, this will start from the back from ………………. (goalkeeper).

Middlesbrough have a great defense but do not have pace. As a result of this, we need to use ………………. for his speed, and ………………. for his goal scoring.

So finally boys, take care of the ball, keep going and don’t slip up, let’s get three points today!”.

Good luck, you have the backing from the owners – let’s get three points on the board!

Yours Sincerely,

The Chairman

February Half Term Assignment

Dear Manager,

The club has been impressed with the standard and quality of players this season, particularly in the Premier League and FL 72 (Championship, League 1 and 2). Your next assignment is to carefully describe a player of your choice, so we can look to sign them in the summer.

We will then pass on your analysis to your scouting team, who will discuss your notes and look at funding the transfer.

Here is a list of the useful vocabulary you all came up with:

Half Term Scounting Project

Yours Sincerely,

The Chairman