World Cup 2018: “England won’t win World Cup but draw gives us chance to improve.” – Alan Shearer

What’s your opinion? Try using formal vocabulary to look on both sides of the argument:

On the one hand… On the other hand…



Some people believe… Whereas others think


Another interesting point is

Additionally / Moreover / Furthermore

You could consider:

  • Belgium players that play in the Premier League (this could add to the occasion).
  • England player form.
  • Resistant of Panama and Tunisia.
  • The order of games (see the fixture list).

I look forward to your response,

The Chairman


October Transfer Window

Dear Managers,

You have eagerly been awaiting this time – The October Transfer Window!

Many of you have been successful from the squad you decided to sign in September, however some of you have been experiencing bad player form and even injuries.This is an unmissable opportunity for you to transfer a maximum of two players from your team and sign two brand new players.


In order to successfully make transfers, you need to comment below stating:

  1. The players you wish to sell/loan out giving reasons for this.
  2. The players you wish to sign giving reasons to support your decision.


Use a mixture of spellings, vocabulary and sentence types you have learned over the opening two months.


Remember, the more ‘in-form’ players you have on your side, the more points you have on the board.

I look forward to your decisions,

The Chairman

Fantasy Football – Week 2

Dear Managers,

Please see the Week 2 Football Manager table. I have added the scores that you have sent me.

  • Remember, that Year 5 managers still need to add points from game week 1.
  • The transfer market will open in October half term
  • Keep commenting to gain house points and to earn a good reputation as a manager.

The Chairman

Fantasy Football is HERE!

Dear Managers,

You have been working hard carefully selecting and signing players for your 2017-18 season. The focus this term is statistics. Your budget was 75 million and I have been impressed with your progress in adding various decimal numbers.

Here was the scoring criteria for game week 1:

Here is the league table after game week 1:

Please share your thoughts and opinions on how your squad did on the first game week…

Who impressed you?

Who scored the most points?

Who needs to improve?

Yours Sincerely,

The Chairman